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Vekkali Amman Temple, Trichy

Quick Info:

Location: Vekkali Amman Temple TrichyGoogle Maps


Trichy Vekkali Amman Temple Pooja Timings: Morning (5.15 AM, 5.30 AM, 6.15 AM), Afternoon (12:00 PM, 1:00 PM) & Evening ( 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM)


Vekkali Amman Temple Major Festivals: Chittirai festival, Panguni Poochoridal, Navarathri in Purattasi, Thai Velli and Aadi velli


Dedicated To: Goddess Vekkali Amman


Contact Number : 0431- 2761869


Origin Of Vekkali Amman Temple:

Tamil Nadu, India’s southernmost state, is a temple treasure, with each temple possessing a trait that distinguishes it from the others. One such temple is the Vekkali Amman temple Trichy, worshiped by chola king. Which is another form of goddess Kali & dedicated to goddess Vekkali. It’s located at Woraiyur, a suburb of tiruchirappalli temple around 7 kilometers away.



The Goddess is believed to give great strength, willpower, peace, and harmony. The divine spirit of Uraiyur Vekkali Amman can be felt as quick as one visits the temple. Devotees visit the magnificent temple to worship God, seek blessings, and express gratitude for everything the Goddess has bestowed them. The Goddess’s shrine at Vekkali Amman temple is a wonderful gold and silver architecture with a magnificent chariot. Alternatively, one can write their wishes on a piece of paper and place them in a box. Many visitors experience that their wishes have come true, and their faith in Vekkali Amman’s divine power has grown stronger with each day.



The temple is at its best during the Chithirai festival, Navarathri and Thai Velli when the Goddess’s idol is decorated with jewelry and a series of pujas are arranged. Don’t forget to view the wonderfully made golden chariot when you visit the temple. 



According to history, Hindu temples facing northwards are believed to be victorious in all their endeavors. The Cholas revered the Goddess Vekkali Amman before leaving for the battleground. The people around Vekkali Amman temple trichy, trusts Vekkali Amman as the rescuer god during their difficult times


Vekkali Amman Trichy


The temple’s most notable feature is that the sanctum has no roof. In a majestically seated position facing northwards, the goddess’s magnificent structure is seen. In each of her four hands, the goddess has an Akshaya Patra, a trident, a rope, and an udukkai which represents that Vekkali Amman safeguard all people and destroys all the negative vibrations everywhere.

During the construction of the temple, Goddess Vekkali Amman appeared and told her devotees not to build a roof till every human has their own shelter. It also symbolizes that Vekkali Amman’s impact is boundless. Those who are continually searching for peace and ray of hope in life should pay a visit to Vekkali Amman Temple at least once.


Detailed Daily Pooja Timings:

Every day, six kaala poojas are done to Goddess Vekkali Amman

Visvaruba Pooja: 5.15 AM

Morning Abisegam: 5.30 AM

Morning Deepa Tharisanam: 6.15 AM

Uchikaala Abisegam: 12:00 PM

Uchikaala Deepa: 1:00 PM

Maazhai Tharisanam: 6:00 PM

Night Tharisanam: 9:00 PM


Image Source: Tamilnadu Tourism

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