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37 feet Vishwaroopa Sanjeevana Anjaneyar temple Trichy

The Divine Marvel –  The 37-Feet Vishwaroopa Sanjeevana Anjaneyar Temple in Trichy


Location: Melur, Srirangam, Trichy, Google Maps

Distance from Trichy: 15 km

Mode Of Transportation: Car, bus, and taxi Available.

Dedicated To: Lord Hanuman

Introduction to The Anjaneyar Temple:


The Anjaneyar Temple is a magnificent symbol of devotion and elegance in Trichy, nestled among the serene landscape. The majestic 37-feet-tall Vishwaroopa Sanjeevana Anjaneyar, a manifestation of Lord Hanuman, the personification of power, devotion, and unwavering trust, resides in this holy place. Let’s take a virtual trip to explore the wonder and allure of this heavenly sanctuary.

Architecture –  A Testament to Craftsmanship:


On the banks of the Kollidam river at Melur, Srirangam, the Anjaneyar statue was unveiled. This statue is one of the state’s tallest representations of the god. The craftsmanship and ability of the artisans are evident in the Anjaneyar Temple’s structure. The Sanjeevana Anjaneyar Swamy Trust’s managing trustee, R. Vasudevan, states that the project’s total cost, including design and construction, was ₹40 lakh. 


The 37-feet-tall idol of Lord Hanuman is a wonder in and of itself. The statue was a massive endeavor that was created in Thirumurugan Poondi, close to Tirupur. A group of expert sculptors under the direction of Muthu and Ilayaraja took more than two years to skillfully chisel the 120-ton figure out of a single, enormous rock. It was carved out of a single piece of granite and has a divine aura that fascinates everyone who sees it. Anyone who has the opportunity to see the idol will never forget it because of its immense size and exquisite detailing.


The statue’s weight was supported by a sturdy pedestal that was built especially for the purpose. It was a difficult task to move this enormous creation. A few weeks before it was installed, a specially made trailer with an incredible 46 wheels was used for the job. Although the route to Srirangam was relatively simple, the narrowness of the road presented a problem and resulted in a minor delay in getting to Melur.


37 feet Anjaneyar temple Trichy


The installation event was held on a big two-acre plot owned by the Sanjeevana Anjaneyar Swamy Trust in Srirangam, and it was attended by many devotees from across the state. There are four sub-shrines on a temple campus dedicated to Rama, Thayaar, Chakrathalwar, and Lakshmi Narasimhar. The private temple property will also have a special spot for a cow shelter, demonstrating a dedication to the welfare of these beloved animals. This thorough design highlights the dedication and careful preparation put forth in building a location that caters to diverse elements of spiritual reverence and overall well-being.


The construction of this massive statue of Hanuman not only serves as an amazing example of the passion and artistry of those involved, but it also serves as a source of inspiration for both devotees and visitors. It will undoubtedly draw followers and pilgrims from far and wide due to its imposing popularity on the banks of the Kollidam River, reaffirming its reputation as a beacon of spiritual significance in the area.

The Vishwaroopa Anjaneyar – Symbolism and Significance:


A distinctive image of Lord Hanuman is the Vishwaroopa Anjaneyar. His omnipresence and limitless strength are represented by this form. It represents his capacity to defend worshippers from all sides with many arms using a variety of weapons. All who approach the statue are calmed by the atmosphere of serenity and tranquility that it radiates.


Sanjeevana Anjaneyar – The Healer and Bestower of Life

As the Sanjeevana Anjaneyar, the healer, Lord Hanuman is one of the most respected figures in Hinduism. According to legend, Lord Hanuman traveled to the Himalayas during the epic Ramayana conflict to retrieve the plant known as Sanjeevani, which could restore life. His undying commitment to Lord Rama is highlighted by this gesture of devotion and sacrifice. Therefore, the Anjaneyar Temple in Trichy is particularly significant for individuals looking for healing and security.


The Spiritual Experience:

A trip to the Anjaneyar Temple is more than just a tourist activity; it is a journey of the soul. The aroma of incense, the sound of devotional hymns, and the tangible power of passionate prayers fill the air. People of various ages and backgrounds visit this shrine in search of comfort, direction, and blessings from the great Lord Hanuman.

Preservation Efforts- Sustaining a Legacy:

Each of us has a part to play in protecting the Anjaneyar Temple‘s rich history. The temple’s keepers and devotees, as well as a number of groups, are committed to preserving and restoring it. Their actions make it possible for future generations to continue to enjoy this sacred temple’s beautiful ambiance.


Conclusion – A Pilgrimage for the Soul:

In the heart of Trichy, amidst the bustle of daily life, is a spiritual sanctuary that beckons seekers, devotees, and curious souls to bathe in its luminous aura. The 37-feet-tall Vishwaroopa Sanjeevana Anjaneyar, a representation of Lord Hanuman, reigns supreme and emits mystique and power. The Anjaneyar Temple in Trichy is more than just a place of worship; it is a place of spiritual journey and the greatest manifestation of faith. A trip to this sacred location is a path to spiritual enlightenment and a demonstration of the enduring strength of faith.


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