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Location: Pachamalai Hills, Google Maps


Pachamalai Hills Famous For: Waterfalls, Trekking trails and Medicinal gardens


Ideal Duration: 1 – 3 days


Closest airport and railway station: Tiruchirappalli International Airport and Trichy Junction



Pachai means ‘green’ and Malai means ‘Hill’, as the name suggests. It is located in northeastern Tamilnadu uplands and is an extension of the Eastern Ghats. The Pachamalai Hills have rivers known as Sweata Nadi and Kallar flowing through the Pachaimalai Hills are a mountain range in Tamil Nadu, India. The Pachamalai Hills, located 80 kilometers north of Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, are a lush mountain range. Rivers Shweta Nadi and Kallar run through the Pachaimalai Hills. The Hills, along with the Javadi, Shevaroy, and Kalrayan hills, divide the Kaveri (Cauvery) River basin from the Palar River basin. Scrub jungles grow on broken land in the slopes, and sal (Shorea robusta) forests grow on the flat hilltops. Loamy and clayey soils are found in the valleys. 


If you are planning to visit tourist places around Trichy?Pachamalai Hills will be one of the wonderful places to visit.

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They constitute a discontinuous stretch of highlands spanning around 5,200 square miles (13,500 square km) and ranging in elevation from 1,770 to 4,620 feet (540 to 1,400 meters). Waterfalls, hiking paths, and medicinal gardens can be found in the Pachas highlands. Thenpara nadu, Kombai nadu, Aathi Nadu, and Vannadu are some of the tiny regions that make up this mountain range. The area is made up of rounded hills made up of granitic gneisses.


pachamalai hills


It has recently grown in popularity as an ecotourism destination, particularly for weekend vacations. Looking for tourist places near Trichy within 100 kms? Pachamalai Trichy is a popular weekend destination for those who looking to escape from the heat.



The Hills are noted for being home to indigenous communities, which gives Pachais culture a distinct character. Pachamalai, which spans several mountain ranges, is a haven for the region’s tribal inhabitants, who have developed a distinct culture and way of life. It is located between 500 and 1000 meters above sea level. The Pachaimalai Ali people, who dwell in the area, are named after the hills. They comprise a discontinuous line of highlands with a typical elevation of 1,770 to 4,620 feet (540 to 1,400 meters), spanning an area of around 5,200 square miles (13,500 square kilometers).


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