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Kallanai Dam in trichy

Kallanai Dam

Quick Info: 

Location: Kallanai Dam, Thanjavur, Google Maps


Kallanai Dam Length: 329 m


Kallanai Dam Timings: Daily [7 AM to 8 PM]


Built by: Karikala Cholan, Chola dynasty


Purpose: Irrigation


Kallanai Dam History :

“Grant Anaicut” also known as “Kallanai” is one of the most famous and Oldest Dam in Trichy to hang out with friends & family. It is located in the middle of Thanjavur and Trichy district which is approximately 20 Kms away from the Cauvery River. Kallanai dam was built by the Great Karikalan Cholan in the 2nd Century of AD which was 2000 years ago and the dam was again remodelled by the British during the 19th Century. The main aim of the construction of the dam was to boost the irrigation of water to the delta regions and also to change the way big water flows from the Cauvery region to the Kollidam region.


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Kallanai Dam Construction Highlights
  • The Dam height is about 5.4 meters and its length is 1,079 feet. It can store up to 15.4 cubic meters of water (i.e 15400000000 litres). 
  • It can irrigate up to 69,000 acres of land, but in the earlier 20th Century it was able to irrigate over 1 million acres of land. 
  • Kallanai Dam breaks the Cauvery river into 4 watercourses named, Kollidam River, Vennaru River, Puthu River, and Cauvery River.


Why Kallanai Dam Is Famous?

Kallanai is also known for a nice picnic spot. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit and photographers love this place. Not only for photographers but also for some foodies.  The fish fry near the Dam will be mouth-watering and you can buy it at an affordable cost. You don’t have to bother about where to park your vehicle, it has a huge parking space with a token system and you can park there safely. People can take baths in the river, but safety is a must because the flow of the water speed will be vigorous, especially in November and December.

If you want to spend a whole day somewhere you can choose Kallanai Dam which will make your day a memorable one. Kallanai Dam, yet Trichy likewise has numerous tourist spots to visit like Srirangam Temple, Samayapuram Temple, Rockfort Temple, Butterfly Park, & St Lourdes Church. A new study expresses that Tamilnadu is the most visited State by Tourists in India.

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