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Asia’s Biggest Butterfly Park, Trichy

Quick Info:

Location: Butterfly Park, Trichy, Google Maps


Butterfly Park Timings: All Days Except Tuesday [9.30 AM – 6 PM] 


Butterfly Park Contact Number: +91-4312414265


The best season to visit is the monsoon time


Buses are available from both Central bus stand and Chatram bus stand.


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The captivating charm of Butterfly Park is unmatched when it comes to seeing the beautiful things of nature. Butterfly Park is a conservatory situated in Srirangam, in the Trichy district, a city renowned for its rich cultural legacy and historical significance in Tamil Nadu, India. It is regarded as one of Asia’s largest Butterfly Parks and is devoted to the butterfly, one of the top two species that have changed the course of the world food chain. It provides visitors with a chance to escape the rush of city life and lose themselves in a serene haven full of vibrant fluttering wings. Butterfly Park is situated exactly near the Cauvery River near Melur. There are public transportation facilities available to get to Butterfly Park.

Butterfly Park


The conservatory’s recreation hub is the park. It has a play area with playground equipment and well-kept lawns with flowerbeds. The Butterfly Park contains a 1.2-kilometer-long boardwalk. The garden is packed with plants that serve as hosts and nectar sources for butterflies. There is a large blue tiger butterfly sculpture on the lawn at the entrance. To draw tourists, there are also fountains, man-made ponds, suspended bridges, butterfly homes, caterpillar sculptures, and butterfly sculptures. There are parking spaces for both two- and four-wheelers. You may also bring home-cooked food and enjoy a picnic day. 


The Butterfly Park is stretched across 35 acres. On September 15, 2012, J. Jayalalitha, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, declared the opening of Butterfly Park. On November 13, 2015, the minister launched the park via video conference. The Butterfly Park includes a boating area for children, a pond, an amphitheater, a garden, a fountain, an enormous butterfly glasshouse, and snack huts. 


The park contains an outdoor conservatory area that serves as a suitable breeding environment for butterflies in settings that are similar to natural ones. The humidity may be less pleasant in the summer. An artificial lake was built in order to enhance the ecosystem. Air conditioning and greenhouses can be found within conservatories. In order to draw butterflies, the lighting has been carefully planned and placed.


The butterfly is crucial to pollination, a crucial stage in the development of food. Being situated on the banks of the magnificent river Cauvery, this ends up being the preferred location for city inhabitants to connect with nature and be enchanted by the mystical fluttering of colorful butterflies. Indian butterflies make up 65% of the nation’s overall fauna and are estimated to be 1500 different species. The primary threats to butterfly species are habitat destruction and pollution, thus this Butterfly Park was established as part of a conservation effort.

If you are planning to visit tourist places in Trichy? Butterfly Park will be one of the wonderful places to visit.

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The Butterfly Park has the Nakshatra Vanam. It features 12 tree and plant species that correlate to each of the 12 Indian zodiac signs, as well as 27 tree and plant species that represent each of the 27 stars. The purpose was to get people to plant a tree near their residence that is symbolic of their star. Visitors are welcome to plant a free sapling or tree, depending on their zodiac sign, to help them understand the value of plants and how they affect the environment.

Why visit Butterfly Park?


Visiting Butterfly Park is a serene getaway from the city where you may lose yourself in the beauty and tranquility of nature. It provides an opportunity to see the vibrant butterfly dance, discover more about its amazing life cycle, and develop a greater understanding of biodiversity and environmental conservation. There are numerous schools that provide student tours to educate kids on our ecosystem.


Purpose to visit Butterfly Park,


  • A Kaleidoscope of Colors and Beauty
  • Butterfly Diversity
  • Educational and Conservation Value
  • A Haven for Photography Enthusiasts
  • Reconnecting with Nature
  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Practices
  • A Family-Friendly Destination


In Conclusion:


Every person who experiences the Butterfly Park in Trichy has a life-changing experience thanks to its soul-stirring beauty. It serves as a reminder of the fragile harmony of the natural world, the value of conservation, and the wonders of biodiversity. If you ever find yourself in Trichy, be sure to set aside some time to explore the enchanted world of butterflies and take in the magnificence of nature. Along with the Butterfly Park, there are numerous other tourist attractions nearby, including the Srirangam Temple, the Mukkombu Dam, and Trichy’s Rockfort Temple are all in the nearby proximity.



Key Points

  1. The park is located on the banks of the river Cauvery & Kollidam, close to Srirangam.
  2. The butterfly conservatory is widespread across 25 acres of the Upper Anaicut reserve forest and is a habitat for more than 1,500 variety of species 
  3. The park has an eatery, landscaped gardens, a fountain, and many huts for the visitors to chew the memory and the food.
  4. The Butterfly Park has the Nakshatra Vanam featuring 12 tree and plant species that correlate to 12 Indian zodiac signs.
  5. Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Practices can be learned.

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