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Butterfly Park Trichy

Quick Info:

Location: Butterfly Park, Trichy, Google Maps


Butterfly Park Timings: All Days Except Tuesday [9.30 AM – 6 PM] 


Butterfly Park Contact Number: +91-4312414265


The best season to visit is the monsoon time


Buses are available from both Central bus stand and Chatram bus stand.


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Butterfly park located at Trichy Sri-Rangam is Asia’s biggest park dedicated to one of the 2 top game-changers of the global food chain, the butterfly. The butterfly plays an important role in pollination which is the major step in food production. Being located at the banks of the majestic river Cauvery, this turns out to be the favourite spot of city dwellers to merge themselves with nature and to get enchanted by the ethereal fluttering of colourful butterflies. Indian butterflies are assessed to be about 1,501 varieties(species). The major threats to butterfly diversity are damage & pollution of their habitats and this butterfly paradise is opened with the initiative to save the butterfly.

If you are planning to visit tourist places in Trichy? Butterfly Park will be one of the wonderful places to visit.

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As the butterflies flit from one flower to another, in search of nectar, these cute little grownup caterpillars draw the eyes of both the adults as well as the younger ones. This butterfly Eden comprises an external conservatory, a glass indoor conservatory and a Nakshatravanam (Zodiac Sign Park). At Nakshatravanam there is a collection of 27 plant varieties corresponding to the 27 Nakshatras ( stars) and 12 plants corresponding to the12 Rasis. The park has an eatery, landscaped gardens, a fountain and many huts for the visitors to chew the memory and the food. There is a giant statue of a blue tiger butterfly at the entry and there are many other carvings of caterpillars and other insects all around the park. This is a perfect place for the whole family as children can have joy boating in a shallow lake or at the children’s park or experience the excitement of crossing a suspended bridge. There is also a cave with paintings of wildlife to animate the spirit of visitors.

This is an exceptional place to get close-up with nature while you plan for a break from visiting the sumptuous temples like Srirangam and other ancient and cultural masterpieces in Trichy. Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, the park provides gorgeous surroundings to completely unwind.

Key Points

  1.  Park is located at the banks of the river Cauvery & Kollidam, close to Srirangam.
  2. The butterfly conservatory is widespread across 25 acres of the Upper Anaicut reserve forest and is a habitat for more than 1500 variety of species 
  3. The park has an eatery, landscaped gardens, a fountain and many huts for the visitors to chew the memory and the food.

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