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Varnam Hall



Looking for a mini hall in Trichy which is competitively priced. Here you got our Varnam Hall which is an unbranded conference, meeting suites and provides flexible space for meetings, interviews, training sessions and seminars for up to 100 people with state of the art equipment, and free Wifi.

Our dedicated team is on hand to cater to your every need offering exceptional service and attention to detail and can assist with preparing literature, greeting and registering delegates and setting up your equipment to ensure your meeting goes smoothly. Our conference hall also provides you with a projector and screen facility. We provide you with various additional benefits which you can use when you are renting our spaces.

We also guide you through your needs in case of any doubts or confusions during the booking of the meeting rooms. Finally, you can feel a relaxed atmosphere, peaceful and comfortable ambience at our conference hall in Trichy.



Hall NameMeasurement in FeetArea
in Sq.Ft.
Seating Capacity
LengthBreadthConferenceSocial Function
Varnam Hall34`17`57860-70100

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