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Banquet Halls For All Your Suitable Needs

Multi Purpose Banquet Hall In Trichy:

Ramyas Hotel is a perfect mix of modern and contemporary design with excellent banquet halls in the city. Our banquet halls are large and focused to host all your big & special events like wedding, birthday parties, bay showers and also business conference meetings with the correct kind of decoration, seating configurations, lighting, and other details. So, for those who are searching for the best banquet halls in Trichy with luxury, comfort, and convenience, then Ramyas Hotel is the perfect choice. The entire ambiance of Ramyas Hotel is a treat in itself and you’ll surely notice it as soon as you enter its premises. Our banquet halls are made with world-class facilities and top-notch services provided by the well-trained staff. The food served here is both veg and non-veg covering multiple cuisines from different parts of the world.


Wedding Hall:

The wedding reception, on the other hand, plays a significant role in marriage. Marriage is about more than two people, it revolves around two households. The heavenly union will be held at Sowbaghya Hall, one of the best wedding halls in Trichy which is well prepared. Standing on the stage in front of your loved ones, the wedding hall presents you with a lifetime memory to treasure. Our Sowbagya marriage hall has a seating capacity of 1,000 and is expansive with 3,000 square feet. It is the most perfect place for weddings, wedding receptions, conferences, exhibitions, and other events. There are some attributes that endure and serve as the foundation for people to form bonds. However, in order to begin this beautiful adventure, one must make all of the necessary decisions in a timely fashion. Since their wedding day, they’ve conducted themselves in a professional manner. As a result, the first consideration for the celebrations is proper wedding venues.


sowbaghya marriage hall


Next to that, Swarnam Hall, one of the best marriage halls in Trichy to host mid sized weddings and other parties. It is the perfect place to celebrate your special day in pure luxury in the heart of the city. The Ramyas Hotel provides a high standard of life, as well as a warm, luxurious, and elegant ambiance. You can count on us to make these memorable moments last a lifetime in your wedding memories. Our ultimate goal is to accompany you on your wedding journey, tailored to your specific needs, in order to make your fantasies a reality. These banquet halls are ideal for a variety of events, including birthday parties, small weddings, and business functions. We offer you the best wedding hall in Trichy.


Birthday Parties Hall:

swarnam hall


Ramyas Hotel offers you the top venues for making your small gatherings a smash hit. Birthdays and anniversaries are examples of occasions when people who live life to the fullest gather together with their loved ones to celebrate. Marutham, the finest mini party halls in Trichy, where you may conduct exquisite occasions, are required for such close-knit meetings. Here you can celebrate the events within an exceptional & wide range of dishes that impress your guests.


Business Meeting & Conference Hall:

Ramyas Hotel has separate halls for business meetings, conferences and board rooms with newest audio-visual equipment, and the infrastructure to handle the tech requirements. The presence of inspiring surroundings is a definite bonus because it encourages productivity. Clean, functional facilities, breakout areas, and a huge space dedicated to a buffet lunch or dinner are also vital features. Not every hotel can give you a breakout room, but Ramyas Hotel gives you, where attendees can unwind without being distracted by other unavoidable factors. A dedicated venue provides an adjacent location close to the conference area where attendees can take a break and resume the event without losing their place in the event. In reality, executive conference rooms in Ramyas Hotel are strategically placed to alleviate traffic issues.


conference hall


Dynamic Staff Maintenance: 

To ensure that a large corporate event runs properly, you’ll need an army of carefully selected employees. This is very likely with specialist event locations that have  well-trained personnel on hand to cater to any needs. Ramyas Hotel offers a dynamic staff for your need and to provide a best service 


Clean In House Catering:

In-house catering ensures your guests are replenished with hygienically produced  meals or snacks. Hand over your customized menu and leave the rest to the Ramyas Hotel catering crew. The catering crew will have experiential knowledge of how and when to serve without disturbing the ongoing meeting.To liven up the sessions, professional catering is available. Our breakfast and lunchtime menus offer a wide range of choices to meet the tastes of those in attendance. We’ll be pleased to create a menu.

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